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See how we successfully initiated a website traffic boost of 331% through a single SEO campaign.

This case study explores how we were able to achieve the top 10 rankings for 5 keywords relevant to our clients line of business.


“I want to rank on Google’s first page with these keywords”. We come across such a query many times. But it is important to understand that the competition level of a websites’ industry will dictate the intensity of difficulty in achieving specific goals. This case study explores how we were able to achieve the top 10 rankings for 5 keywords relevant to our client’s line of business.


  • Prior to the campaign, the website traffic did not perform as expected, and the keywords were not ranking on the first 5 positions of the Google SERP. The client’s mandate was clear; be seen above-the-fold in organic SERPs and dominate the first 5 positions in the Google SERP.
  • An initial study of the keywords used on the website revealed low SERP ranking, and they were not in the top 10 ranking positions for the keywords relevant to the business.
  • A page speed issue was affecting the ability to rank in a negative way, since Google has indicated that upload speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.


  • In order to attract a higher volume of qualified traffic to the website, and to achieve higher keyword rankings on SERP's, we conducted keyword research for relevant keywords applicable to the clients line of business.
  • Keyword-rich content focusing on quality and adding value were created in the form of blog posts, which helped to improve the Google rankings and provided an organic rankings boost.
  • Due to the low content that existed on the targeted pages, we concentrated on generating additional content with a higher emphasis on readability, keyword density, and code-to-text ratio.


  • Website traffic increased by 331% from 1024 visitors to 3397 visitors.
  • We now see 5 keywords appearing in the top 10 rankings of Google SERP's.
  • We also successfully ranked 3 of the 5 keywords in the top 5 rankings, included the main target keyword.

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